How to Make a Wine Glass Chandelier

Perhaps you have a bar or just a large collection of wine glasses and you can't bear to part with them. Don't. Turn your wine glasses into usable art by creating a wine glass chandelier.

Attach the anchor for the wine glasses chandelier in the location of your choice. If you are able to tap into existing wiring, that can help. You need to anchor the wine glass chandelier to an electrical box in the ceiling.

Fasten the mount for the chandelier to the electrical box according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Drop the lamp wire down from the electrical box mount to the length you desire.

Secure an anchor point to the lamp wire about halfway down the lamp wire. Fasten three lengths of small-gauge cable to the anchor point.

Cut two circles, one smaller than the other. These circles can be any size you desire. Cut a hole in the center of these circles so it can fit over the socket for the bulb, then cut smaller notches all the way around the outside of the circle large enough to accommodate the stems of the glasses.

Run the three small-gauge wires down from the anchor point and to the outer edge of the largest of the two circles. Adjust the length of the cable so that the largest circle hangs just above the bulb.

Hang the lower circle by attaching the small-gauge wire to the outer edge of the smaller circle. Adjust the cable until the smaller circle hangs just below the bulb.

Slip the stems your wine glasses into the notches so that they hang upside down all around the edges of the two circles.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 lengths of small-gauge cable
  • 2 Plexiglas or glass circles (size determined by you)
  • 1 compact fluorescent or other high-efficiency light bulb
  • Wine glasses
  • Anchor point
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