How to Become an Ordained Minister Online

Every year, it seems like a movie or television series features a plot line where one of the main characters becomes an ordained minister online. If you've seen one of those stories, you probably wondered how likely or possible it was. You might find it hard to believe, but you can become an ordained minister from the comfort of your own home.

Find a website that allows you the chance to become ordained online--without ever stepping foot into seminary school. There are a number of these websites out there, but one of the biggest is the Universal Life Church.

Read the information on the website as carefully as possible to make sure you understand the rules and regulations before continuing. Depending on the website, you might have to do more than just fill out some paperwork.

Fill out your personal information on the website being as honest as possible. If the website asks you why you're seeking ordination, answer with an honest response.

Follow any instructions the website gives you in regards to the process. You might be asked to pay a fee or make a "donation" to the ministry. You're more than welcome to do this, though there are websites who will ordain you for free.

Print out any documentation you receive once you've finished the ordination process. This gives you proof that you are in fact an ordained minister.


Be as honest as possible. Some websites will do a check on the name you use and if they can't find information about you in the public records, they'll ignore your request.


Make sure that your status is authorized in your own state, since not all states recognize online ordination. If you practice without the right licenses, anything you do is considered illegal. That can result in some upset customers and friends!

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