How to Recycle Vacuum Cleaners

Environmental issues are a worldwide concern, encompassing individual and social responsibility. Depending on where you live, it can be a challenge to recycle vacuum cleaners and other large appliances, but if you are creative, you can find a way.

Consider fixing your old vacuum cleaner. This approach is both earth-friendly and cost-effective. First, assess the age of the vacuum cleaner and the shape it is in. Contact the retailer about repair options, especially if the vacuum is under warranty. You can also try local appliance stores, which may be able to recommend someone who can fix your vacuum and provide you with additional months or years of use. If only one part is broken, investigate replacing that part rather than the entire machine.

Sell the vacuum at a yard sale or through a newspaper advertisement if it still works. Auction or donation websites can help you find a new home for your old vacuum, help out a charity and keep it out of the landfill (see Resources below).

Contact your town's trash and recycling program about recycling options. Also try local organizations or industries that may be able to scrap the vacuum cleaner and recycle parts or materials, such as the motor or attachments. Be sure to keep all the parts together.

Call, email or write the manufacturer. You may not get a response, but they may be able to suggest a way to recycle all or part of your vacuum cleaner.

Purchase the most environmentally-friendly vacuum cleaner you can afford once you recycle your old vacuum.

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