How to Replace a Power Drill Chuck Key

There is very little that is more frustrating for the do-it-yourself handyman than being unable to find the illusive chuck key when it's time to change the bit on your power drill. For whatever reason, this small but important part is one of the most commonly misplaced items in the toolbox. When yours disappears, here is how you can replace your power drill chuck key.

Look at your power drill or owner's manual to verify exactly what size drill chuck key you will need. You should find the numbers printed or stamped on the drill chuck. Write these measurements down to take with you to the hardware store or for reference if you are shopping online.

Shop for replacement drill chuck keys from your power drill's manufacturer. You can easily find replacement keys from the larger manufacturers like Black and Decker and DeWALT. It is best to stick with replacement parts from your drill's manufacturer if possible instead of generic, one-size-fits-all replacement drill chuck keys.

Consider replacing your keyed drill chuck with a keyless drill chuck if using a chuck key is too much of a hassle to you. You can find these in most home stores and installation involves removing the old drill chuck head and installing the new one. Take note whether your current drill has a single-sleeve or double-sleeve chuck.


Buy a chuck key strap to keep your new chuck key from getting lost again. This attaches to the main lead of any power drill and has enough extra length to allow you to use the chuck key while still attached. This is a great way to prevent losing your chuck key.

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