How to Cover Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are large, purple or blue veins that protrude anywhere on the body and often show up on the legs. They can appear with age or during pregnancy and can cause pain and itching. They can also signal a serious medical condition, but for many people they just cause embarrassment. Varicose veins present a cosmetic challenge, since their size makes them difficult to cover.

Visit the makeup counter at your local department store. Talk to the sales consultants about Dermablend or a similar product covers varicose veins. Ask the consultant to help you find the right shade.

Purchase concealer, as well as a powder used to set the concealer and a removing oil to take it off. Get sponges, puffs and brushes.

Apply the concealer with a latex sponge. Blend it into your skin with your fingertips. Pat powder over the makeup with a puff. Use a powder brush to brush off excess powder.

Buy online products proven to work on varicose veins if you don't want to go to a department store. ColorTration by Primary Color Foundation, Ltd. includes a barrier spray rather than a powder to keep the makeup from coming off.

Look into sclerotherapy treatments. In this process, a solution is injected into a blood vessel, causing it to swell. Eventually, the vessel turns into scar tissue that is barely noticeable.

Talk to your dermatologist about laser treatments.

Consult with your doctor about other treatments to remove varicose veins, like vein surgery, catheter procedures and phlebectomy.

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