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Updated March 23, 2017

Clickbank is a database that contains thousands of digital products, and these digital products are sold by Clickbank publishers, but also are promoted heavily by Clickbank affiliate marketers. In return for promoting products, affiliates who are successful and achieve sales will receive a commission from the Clickbank products. There are many ways to promote these types of affiliate products, and here are a few suggestions if you would like to try your hand at Clickbank affiliate marketing.

Decide which Clickbank product you would like to promote by going to Clickbank's "Marketplace" and choosing a product that you like or you think that will be succesful.

Click the button beneath the product you have chosen that says "create hoplink" in order to generate an affliate link that you will need for Step 6.

Compile a list of keywords by using one of the many Internet keyword tools on the Internet (a few examples include WordTracker, Google Adwords' Keyword Tool, and Trellian's Keyword Discovery). Your goal with doing keyword research is to find popular phrases that relate to the product you are promoting and that are searched by Internet consumers.

Choose two to four keywords from the list you have compiled and write a series of 5 to 10 short articles (around 400 to 500 words) based around those terms. These articles can be informative, humorous, or even serious. They should relate to the issue of the product you are promoting, but should not be written directly as sales articles or copy. While writing the articles, make sure to include the specific keywords you have chosen at least two to five times.

Submit the articles you have written to one of the many article directories on the Internet (EzineArticles and GoArticles are two popular examples). While submitting your articles, make sure to note the author's resource or "biography" box.

Create your author's resource or "biography" box by writing a short sentence about yourself or the Clickbank product you are promoting, and include your affiliate link that was generated in Step 2. Use a word or phrase to hyperlink your affiliate link, if desired.

Repeat Steps 2 through 6 for each Clickbank product you would like to promote.

Create affiliate hoplinks for all the products you would like to promote the same way this was done in Step 2 of the previous section.

Decide which social networking websites you'd like to use to promote your Clickbank products. All of them can be used, but several specific examples (Squidoo and Myspace) will be explained in the following Steps.

Create a Squidoo Lens for each of the Clickbank products you'd like to promote. This can be done by adding any articles of your choice, writing sales copy or reviews of the Clickbank products, or even having customer testimonials on your site about the products. However, every piece of content that's added should relate to your affiliate product and keywords in some way, and your affiliate link should be scattered throughout the page as well in order to give potential buyers ample chance to click it and buy the product.

Create a Myspace profile by registering with the website and including helpful information for your "Myspace friends" and visitors.

Send bulletins and notices to all of your friends on the Myspace network (or any other social network site) that includes your affiliate link and a short writing piece (a testimonial or review). Make sure that you use your account for personal use as "Spam" is frowned upon.

Create a free blog that is either solely related to one of the Clickbank products you have decided to promote, or make a free blog that is devoted to reviewing many Clickbank products. Anything can be included in blogs, such as product reviews, testimonials, and even informational articles, but everything should include relevant keywords and affiliate links.

Join forums and message boards that are related to each Clickbank product. For example, if you are promoting a weight loss product then you should join a weight loss forum or message board; the same thing goes for other categories as well, such as gaming forums, technology forums, and webmaster forums.

Place your affiliate links in your "signature" that you're allowed to have in each forum or message board and post helpful threads and messages in the boards daily so that the forum members will have plenty of chances to see your affiliate links and buy the Clickbank products.


To increase the chances that your affiliate link will be clicked, you can use "link cloaking" or domain masking techniques so that potential buyers won't know they are buying an affiliate product or going to an affiliate's sales page.


Some article directories do not allow direct affiliate links within an author's resource or "bio" box. If this is the case, you can purchase your own domain name and forward it to your affiliate link page using either the server your website is hosted with or the registrar your domain is registered to.

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