How to stop the divorce process

Updated July 20, 2017

Divorce is a very difficult thing for two people to go through. The same can be said if they happen to have children, because the kids do feel the divorce even a lot harder than the parents do in some cases. However, if a couple wants to stop a divorce from taking place, it can definitely happen. Read on to learn how to stop the divorce process.

Understand that realisation is the very first key to stopping a divorce. Examine your heart and feelings closely. If you still love your spouse, you need to confront him or her with that knowledge. Find out if they are feeling the same way as you.

If after you have personally assessed your heart and feelings, and you do discover that you want to halt the divorce, the next thing is to have the desire to work things out with your spouse. Nevertheless, they must feel the same as you and want to work towards the same goal. Both parties must agree here.

Keep in mind that the willingness to make a positive difference must be there. Both parties must be open to resolving the issue or issues that led up to the filing of the divorce. Accept the fact that problems cannot be solved overnight. However, patience and tolerance can yield a good outcome.

If the both of you agree for reconciliation, handling the legalities of stopping the divorce is your next move. The person who filed the divorce can put the case on hold. Nevertheless, any attempts at reconciliation must be made before the divorce is finalised.

If a judgment has not yet been granted, you and your spouse can withdraw the divorce petition or get a notice of revocation to stop the divorce proceedings. Courts do permit divorces to be stopped for counselling, mediation and overall negotiation. Therefore, seeking therapy and or counselling together, as well as possessing a positive attitude to resolve the issues as a team are paramount.


Be aware that a lot of states do have waiting periods between the time that a divorce if filed and the when it is finalised It is possible for a divorce proceeding to be stopped. Nevertheless, it does depend on the individual divorce chronology as a rule Those couples who wish to halt their divorce proceedings need to look at their legal documents to determine the stage of their divorce process.


The reality is that sometimes a divorce cannot be stopped. Especially if it something that is still wanted by one party and not the other. Sometimes love is not even enough for two people who just are not meant to be together. Therefore, they are better off living apart. Courts do not like it when they are party to any form of delay tactics and arguments that prove to be unreasonable in nature.

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