How to make a donation to Locks of Love

Updated March 23, 2017

If you have beautiful, healthy and long hair and are willing to part with the bulk of it, consider donating your hair to Locks of Love. This non-profit organisation supplies wigs made of real human hair to children who suffer from hair loss due to medical reasons. The organisation takes donated ponytails and transforms them into high-quality hair prosthetics. The children are then given these lovely wigs free of charge or on a sliding scale, depending on the financial situation of the child's family. Be a part of the kindness and love. It will be the most karma-filled haircut you'll ever have.

Measure the length of the hair that you are willing to cut. To donate to Locks of Love, the "healthy" part of your hair that you are cutting must be a minimum of 25 cm (10 inches). If you are not willing to part with that much of your hair, defer donating until you are ready to do so. That's a rule that the company cannot break. Keep in mind, however, that curly hair can be pulled straight to equal the 25 cm (10 inch) minimum.

Wash your hair. It should be pure and clean, free of any hairstyle products. Let your hair dry completely. Bleached, highlighted or otherwise chemically treated hair is not eligible due to the manufacturing process that will harm such hair. If this does not pertain to you, continue on.

Pull your hair into a braid or ponytail before cutting. This is a must. Hair must be delivered in either a braid or ponytail. A braid is the smartest choice because it's easier to deal with.

Cut your hair an inch or two higher than the braid. You can have a hair stylist or friend cut your hair for you, or you can do it yourself. There are no rules about who cuts your hair. It just needs to be 25 cm (10 inches) or longer, clean, dry and free of chemicals.

Place the braid of ponytail inside a plastic bag. A bag that seals itself is the best idea for this endeavour.

Put the plastic bag that contains your hair inside a padded envelope. A small box works even better for added protection. Include a separate sheet of paper with your name and mailing address if you want the organisation to send you a personalised thank you letter for your generous donation.

Mail the hair donation package to 2925 10th Avenue North, Suite 102, Lake Worth, Florida 33461-3099.


Grow your hair out well beyond the minimum of 25 cm (10 inches) if possible. It will be an even more generous donation and will be an even greater delight to a child in need.


Don't send in damp locks of hair. Make sure all hair is completely dry before placing it in the mail.

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