How to Draw Minnie Mouse Step-by-Step for Kids

Updated March 23, 2017

After her debut in the 1928 cartoon "Steamboat Willie," Minnie Mouse became a leading character in the world of Disney as the longtime love of Mickey Mouse. Children who love to draw and have an affinity for this lovable cartoon can hone their art skills by sketching the famous female mouse. Practicing drawing with a step-by-step method teaches children the process of creating a drawing.

Draw one large circle in the centre of your paper. Make the circle seven inches in diameter.

Draw two circles on the top left and right sides of the circle to create Minnie's ears. Make these circles between two or three inches in diameter. Place the circles far enough apart that there is at least three inches between them.

Place a small circle in the centre of the top of the circle for the middle of Minnie's bow. Draw the two ribbon sides for the rest of the bow. Do not overlap onto Minnie's ears. Make the sides of the bow as tall or a little taller than her ears.

Lightly draw a straight line vertically down the middle of the large centre circle. Draw another thin line horizontally across the middle of the large circle; this creates four quadrants in the large circle.

Draw Minnie's eyes by drawing oblong oval eye shapes in the top two quadrants of the circle. Place the eyes one half inch from the centre vertical line.

Add pupils by drawing two smaller circles inside the eyes. In the middle of these circles, place additional circles; leave the circles white when colouring the picture. Colour the rest of the pupil area black.

Finish sketching Minnie's face by adding her nose, mouth and additional face outline. Place the nose underneath her eyes in the one-inch space between them. Draw Minnie's mouth with an open smile that is at least four inches long. Children can determine how wide they want to make Minnie's smile. Complete the general features of Minnie's face by drawing in the additional face outline. Draw a shape that resembles the top of a heart above Minnie's eyes. Continue down to where the sides of this larger oval reach her nose. Curve the line into a half circle that runs into the edge of the larger circle. Colour this area flesh-coloured and fill in the outer area with black.

Complete the details of Minnie's face. Add three eyelashes on each eye. Colour Minnie's ears black and her bow either red or pink. Give her pink cheeks. Depending on the child's art level, he can either add a small tongue inside Minnie's mouth and colour it a pinkish hue; then colour the rest of the inside of Minnie's mouth a darker red, or colour the entire area inside her mouth black. Colour with either coloured pencils, crayons, markers or paint.


Teach each child that drawing is a skill that gets better with practice. Children can track their progress by keeping their sketches and comparing them over time.

Things You'll Need

  • paper
  • pencils
  • ruler
  • erasers
  • crayons
  • coloured pencils
  • markers
  • paint
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