How to Create a Ken Doll Costume

Updated March 23, 2017

Barbie and Ken are the all-American couple. Ken, whose full name is Ken Carson, is an icon alongside Barbie. Yes, they are merely 12 inches in height, but their history and relationship have stood the test of time. They are the perfect couple of every little girl's dreams. When your friend decides to dress up as Barbie for Halloween, complete the American dream of the Barbie world, and go as Ken alongside her. This will brighten the faces of anybody you come in contact with. Ken is a dashing and fun man ready for anything, from flights in outer space to the Rockers to the Barbie Mansion.

Style your hair into a perfect '50s-style cut. For maximum fun, wear a plastic wig of hair fully in place. See an option for a Ken Doll wig in the Resources section.

Put on a pink dress shirt. Yes, this should match your Barbie's costume. If your Barbie Doll companion is dressing in another colour besides pink, you can match it to this. The best way to dress as Barbie and Ken is by using their famous pink.

Wear dress trousers with a matching dinner jacket. This can be the colour of your choice. Ken was very versatile about his dressy clothes, and he had almost as big a wardrobe as Barbie. Just make sure they match, and look doll picture perfect once on. All ironing and perfecting should be done well in advance of showtime.

Put on a tie that either matches the jacket or the shirt. A pink tie that is patterned is probably the most fun choice here, but use your imagination to create maximum Ken fun. Don't worry. This won't do any permanent damage to your masculinity unless you want it to do so.

Wear proper loafers that are black or grey. Ken went without Barbie's massive shoe collection. His options tend to be black or grey loafers. Brown will do if it is matching the trousers and jacket.

Hold a Barbie-style accessory for maximum fun and recognition. It could be a "present" for Birthday Barbie, a plush poodle that belongs to Barbie, or a heart-shaped box of plastic chocolates.


Have a friend or girlfriend (or daughter) dressed as Barbie by your side for this costume to have effect and be truly fun.


Don't try to pull this costume together at the last moment. Although it seems simple, this actually take some forward thinking and planning to pull off a Ken Doll costume.

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