How to Find Sugar Gliders For Sale

Updated February 21, 2017

Sugar gliders are exotic animals and finding one can be a bit difficult. As with dogs, cats, and other pets, the best thing to do is to look for an unwanted glider first. You never know when your local animal rescue will have the perfect pet for you.

Start by searching a local free classified ad web page such as Craigslist. Both breeders and pet owners are always posting on such websites, looking to find a suitable home for their sugar gliders. Simply go to the "pet" section and type "sugar glider" in the search window.

Consider adopting a glider from another owner. Websites like the Free Sugar Glider Exchange allow people to post ads for new homes for their sugar gliders. These ads have e-mail addresses included, making it easy to contact glider owners and see if you are a good match for the pet.

Consider adopting a glider from a rescue. The Worldwide Sugar Glider Network is in touch with dedicated sugar glider rescues, and will match people who would like adopt to these rescues. General purpose animal rescues also sometimes take in neglected sugar gliders

Try your local pet store. Make sure that the cages are clean, the sugar gliders are active and happy, and that they are not kept in the same room as reptiles or birds, which they fear.

Find a local sugar glider breeder. Be sure to take a tour of the facility and make sure it is clean and the sugar gliders seem healthy and happy.

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