How to make a tissue box cover

Updated March 23, 2017

This tissue box holder will make a great gift for anyone. You can create a nice padded cover for your box that will make a nice conversation piece for your guests. The wadding that is used will help keep it stable.

Place the tissue box on the cardboard and trace the tissue box, tracing the top, bottom and all sides. Cut out each of the pieces that you have traced. You should have six pieces.

Remove the perforated oval from the tissue box and use this as a template. Place the template on the centre of the cardboard top and trace around it. Use a sharp craft knife or box cutter to cut the template piece away from the cardboard. Cut evenly around the template and press hard enough to achieve an even cut.

Place the new card template on top of a piece of wadding and trace around the template. Cut the wadding to the size of the template. Cut the oval from wadding.

Cut out a piece of fabric for the top section, making it 1 inch larger on each side. Place fabric right side down on a flat surface. Place the wadded section on top. Bring the raw fabric edges over to cover the wrong side and stick in place, using the fabric adhesive. Ensure that the fabric forms neat corners.

Cut out the centre of the oval. Leave a border of about ¾ inch around the oval. Stick the overlap to the wrong side of the top oval opening and all the outer edges.

Cover the remaining pieces of card with fabric. Place fabric pieces right side down and place the card in the centre on the wrong side. Turn the edges over to the wrong side and stick in place using the fabric adhesive. Ensure that the edges are neat.

Place the top section right side down on a flat surface. Place the long sides at the edge of the top section and stick them in place using the adhesive. Place the short side pieces in position and connect them to the long sections, using the adhesive. Ensure that all ends are connected evenly and allow the adhesive to dry. Your cover is now ready to place over your box.


You may add extra fabric to give the box a sturdy look. Use floral fabric for a more home furnished appeal.


When cutting ensure that the cuts are even and not misguided.

Things You'll Need

  • Craft knife or box cutter
  • Box of tissue
  • Fabric adhesive
  • Cardboard 16x14 inches
  • Lightweight wadding
  • Fabric 24x15 inches
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