How to Become a Food Critic

Updated February 21, 2017

Restaurants can be made or broken by one person's critical review. Food critics provide advice and commentary on new and existing restaurants and cafes. To be a food critic, you must have excellent writing skills and a passion for food and the restaurant business. These jobs are highly coveted, but with time and experience, you can get a position reviewing food establishments.

Attend culinary school or work in a restaurant to obtain restaurant experience. It is important you understand how the mother sauces are made, how meat should be roasted and service should be executed. Since you will be judging chef's food and critiquing the service, you need to be very knowledgeable in all these skills. Editors will know if you are not an expert in your field and will most likely not hire you.

Eat at as many restaurants as you can. Write about your experiences and keep a file of these. When you apply for a food critic position, you will be asked to submit previous writing samples. Make sure they are in the format your potential editor prefers. They will give you the specifics of how they like their articles submitted.

Start by submitting your articles to small local papers. Having published work to show an editor will help you get a more prominent food critic position.

Read other reviewers articles frequently. Check magazines, local papers and food television shows to learn how those professionals review restaurants. Find your own style and voice. Make sure you are not copying another critic's techniques.


Write to your local food critic and invite them to coffee. Ask for their advice and ask about their job.


These positions may take years to get. There are very few of these food critic positions available, so make sure you are constantly networking with others in the food restaurant industry.

Things You'll Need

  • Strong writing skills
  • Restaurant or cooking experience and knowledge
  • A sensitive palate
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