How to dye hair with coffee

Updated February 21, 2017

Coffee is good for waking you up in the morning, and it can provide a much-needed wake up call for your hair as well. Coffee brings out the red and brown highlights in dark hair and can cover and blend in grey. You can add shine, facets and dimension to your hair using a simple coffee mix that does not contain any chemicals or unnatural ingredients.

Put the basin in a sink.

Pour cooled coffee into the basin.

Brush your hair thoroughly.

Dip your head in the basin, and use the cup to thoroughly saturate your hair with the coffee.

Work the coffee through your hair from the roots to the tips using your fingers or the hairbrush.

Use the cup to scoop the coffee out of the basin and pour it through your hair 15 times.

Wring out your hair over the sink.

Allow the rinse to set for 15 minutes. You can clip your hair up to prevent dripping, but do not wrap it in a turban or the towel will absorb the coffee.

Rinse your hair. Dry and style it as usual.


If you do not see as marked a difference as you hoped for with your coffee rinse, repeat the rinse process for several days in a row. Sometimes natural dyes have a more subtle effect and can take multiple applications to achieve the desired look.


If you are a platinum blond, the effect of a coffee rinse can be instant and dramatic. Test the rinse on a clipping of your hair first.

Things You'll Need

  • Basin
  • Gallon of strong, black coffee
  • Hairbrush
  • Cup
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