How to Load a Polaroid 600 Camera

It seems that some of today's generation still enjoy the spontaneity and instant gratification of a Polaroid camera. For popularity and ease of use, one still cannot go wrong with a Polaroid 600. Best of all, loading the film is a snap.

Make sure you are using the proper film. As Polaroid has a variety of films for different cameras, you want to make sure that the film you use will be compatible with the Polaroid 600 camera.

Take the film cartridge out of the box and tear open the protective packaging. Always hold the film pack by the edges to avoid disrupting the developing chemicals.

Open the film door by pressing the film release button. This small button, which should be labeled 'film', will be located at the top left of the camera, near the viewfinder.

Make sure that the pull tab is not removed from the film pack, as it will be needed to unload the empty cartridge once the film is spent.

Insert the film pack into the camera's film holder slot, being careful to hold it by the edges. The film cover should be facing up.

Close the film door and wait for the camera to automatically eject the film cover from the top of the pack.

Check the camera's film counter. If the film has been loaded correctly, there will be a number that indicates the number of shots in the film pack.

Remove the empty film pack by opening the film door. Pulling the pack's release tab will allow you to remove the empty cartridge.

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