How to Calculate the Cost of Steel Buildings

Updated February 21, 2017

Steel buildings are becoming more and more popular among architects because of their convenience and ease. However, prices of steel building can range depending on a variety of variables.

Know the current price of steel. The cost of steel varies from time to time, and this makes a difference in the overall cost of the building. You can calculate the cost of a steel building based on the price at which the steel was purchased.

Determine the square footage of your steel building. Several different buildings of all different sizes can be constructed out of steel. Because the buildings vary, the price of the overall construction varies as well. Knowing the square footage of the building will help you calculate the cost.

Pay attention to additional features. Some features on steel buildings such as extra roofing or wall panelling can increase the average price of construction. Adding up all of the extra features will help you calculate cost.

Keep the complexity level down. Steel buildings are constructed by labourers who are paid by the hour. More complex buildings require more hours of work, and the price per hour can increase based on how complex the work will be.

Find the right formula to compute your cost. There are several websites which help you calculate the cost of a steel building, simply be answering a few questions about the building structure. These sites are helpful in calculating an exact cost.

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