How to Spot a Fake Prada Handbag

Updated March 23, 2017

Given the high cost of luxury products produced by Prada, it may be tempting to purchase fake or counterfeit items that look similar but cost much less. There are real moral dilemmas that come with purchasing these items. The International Anticounterfeiting Coalition (IACC), has found that the widespread availability of counterfeit merchandise costs 750,000 American jobs and leads to business losses that top £162 billion each year. Luckily, there are ways you can spot fake products---including Prada handbags.

Buy your handbag from a Prada store or a high-end department store. This is the only way to know for sure that you are buying a genuine Prada handbag. You run the risk of purchasing a fake Prada handbag when you buy purses on the street or through websites such as

Be sceptical about the price. Genuine Prada handbags have a hefty price tag, often selling for $800 to $5,000 dollars. While there may be sales or good deals available, you should be sceptical of anyone selling a genuine Prada handbag for less than £65.

Examine the quality of the bag. Carefully inspect the material, straps, zippers and stitching. The stitching should be evenly-spaced and the thread should match the colour of the bag. The zippers and straps should be well-constructed. All labels or emblems should be embroidered onto the bag, not glued. Torn or frayed stitching, plastic zippers or other indications of poor quality are all signs of a fake.

Check out the seams carefully, especially on the sides of the handbag. If there is a pattern, the pattern should match up perfectly across the seams. The seam should also be tight and well-constructed, with no gaps or bulges.

Check out the hardware on the bag as well. Many Prada purses contain small, neat Prada engravings on snaps, buckles and zippers. Fake Prada handbags will either not include the engraving at all, or the engraving may be messy or misspelled.

Look at the tag on the interior of the handbag. In Prada purses, this tag is usually metal or leather, but it will never be cloth. If the interior tag is cloth, or if there is no interior tag at all, this is a good indication that the bag is not authentic.

Demand an authenticity card. All genuine Prada handbags come with a small card listing the name of the purse and the serial number. Some counterfeit sellers also make counterfeit authenticity cards, but they will usually be printed on cheap paper and may contain misspellings.

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