How to Bait and Kill Slugs

Would you like to learn how to kill slugs? Killing slugs is the only way to keep them from laying eggs and reproducing in your garden. Commercial slug baits are one solution, and here are several other ways to kill slugs in your garden.

Remove all of their hiding places first. Pull weeds from your planters and trim around the edges of your flower beds. Snails like cool, shady places and overgrown weeds and grass give them the perfect hideout.They also like to congregate under rocks, litter and debris, porches and other shady moist areas. Be sure to get rid of these places.

Pour a saucer of beer to use as slug bait. They won't wait for happy hour, they like to drink in early mornings. The beer will kill slugs.

Hand-pluck slugs from your garden whenever you see them. Killing slugs that you've found is easy. It can be done with table salt. Simply put 1/4 cup of table salt in a grocery bag and drop in the slugs while you're working in the garden. When you're finished, throw them out with the trash.

Try a commercial product. There are several on the market that are non toxic for animals and children and can be used where food is grown. There are also some, however, that are not safe to use near food. Be cautious when you shop.

Try using cedar bark to protect your plants. While it won't kill slugs, they don't like it so they'll avoid crawling on it and your plants will be safer.

Spray your soil with cold coffee. Slugs and snails absolutely hate caffeine. You can also put used coffee grounds in your planters to supplement the soil. Caffeine won't kill slugs but it will help you keep the slugs away from your plants.


Put a bounty on the slugs. Offer the neighbourhood children a reward for baiting slugs.


Metaldehyde is dangerous near food sources, children and animals. It is a common ingredient in slug bait.

Things You'll Need

  • Coffee
  • Coffee grounds
  • Beer
  • salt
  • grocery bag
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