How to catch your wife cheating

Updated February 21, 2017

To catch a cheating wife, you must take some steps that sound underhanded, but if she is cheating, you have the right to know. Asking a woman if she is cheating does not always evoke an honest answer. A man who needs to know the truth can take some easy steps to find out if he has a cheating wife. Use discretion when seeking information for best results.

Check the wife's spending habits against credit cards and bank records. Most women will spend money around areas or in places that are not the norm. The cheating wife may change buying habits or buy dinner for herself and a partner.

Check all work paycheck stubs to see if any days are taken off that are not spent with the family members. Many times a woman will take off work to see a secret partner. The paycheck stubs will show missed days of work or vacation days.

Enlist a friend's help to follow your wife for a few days. This usually proves without a shadow of a doubt if the wife is cheating. Make sure the friend uses a different car so your wife will not recognise it. Hire a private detective if no one else can help.

Buy a voice-activated recorder to hook up to the home phone line in the basement. Many stores sell this equipment for a low price. Scan all phone calls to hear what she says, and to whom.

Check e-mail accounts for any disturbing e-mails from an unknown person. Chat rooms are another place to check. The only thing needed is passwords, which can be obtained with software from any computer supply store. The software logs passwords and Internet activity.


Never ask leading questions or your wife may become suspicious. Keep all information secret until all the evidence has been gathered.


Make very sure all the information leads to a cheating wife before confronting her.

Things You'll Need

  • Financial documents
  • Paycheck information
  • Voice-activated recorder
  • Internet tracking software
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