How to Meet Older Women

Updated February 21, 2017

More than ever younger men are dating older women. Some men find their age counterparts too needy or high maintenance, while others simply enjoy the company of older women. Whatever your reason for seeking out someone a few years your senior, the good news is that it has never been simpler to do.

Go online. The Internet is a great place to meet older women, and dating websites could not make it any easier. Most of the traditional websites will help you find older women seeking younger men. However, there are also websites dedicated exclusively to people in this demographic.

Seek out your new mate at low-pressure places like the coffee shop. This is a great way to find women who aren’t simply looking for a free drink or a one-night stand. The coffee shop is a quiet and intimate place for you to look for a woman.

Go where older women go. Depending on which age group you're targeting, a trip to your local knitting group or bridge club meetings might be in order. Older women also tend to play bingo.

Look around the grocery store for more than specials on produce. The grocery store is a great place to meet older women, as many of them have children and spend a lot of time shopping. Looking for love in the grocery store is a great option.

Watch out for undiscovered love in the office. Many times, while we are focused on work, we overlook the people around us. Meeting an older woman at the office can be quite easy. You already clearly have something in common and you can build a relationship from there.

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