How to Build a Degu Cage

Updated April 17, 2017

Learn to take care of degus by building them the best cage. Design your cage like a master with simple materials. Learn to make the cage more complex as your animals get bored. Keep your degus happy with their new cage.

Purchase mesh or a mesh cage or purchase a glass or plexi glass tank. Ensure that the glass tank is the same width and dimensions as the mesh cage. If you are cutting your own mesh, you can trim it to fit the dimensions of the glass tank. The glass tank is for the bottom of the cage where the degus’ bedding is. This prevents the degus from pushing their bedding out the sides of the cage. If you didn’t purchase the mesh cage, and are using mesh, you need to shape the mesh into a cage—box shape. After you’ve done this, lay it over the top of the glass tank. The downside is not having a door on the cage. It is recommended that you purchase the mesh cage, then cut the bottom out of the mesh, and place the arrangement over a glass tank. This really helps to save the animals’ feet from injury.

Select the right type of bedding for your degu's cage. Remember that straw can get stuck in their eyes. There is also the issue of dust. Small cardboard is good for your degu's bedding.

Create some posts for the degus to climb on after the degus get used to their cage. Keep the cage simple in the beginning, and then add little changes to it as your animals get bored. You can secure climbing ledges to the cage by purchasing some from the store, or you can smooth some wood and add clamps to secure them in place. For experimenting with the climbing posts, you can use small cardboard boxes, and remove them when they get too messed up.

Keep your degu's cage someplace near where they can get sun, but not so sunny that they’ll get overheated. The degus do need to sunbathe sometimes.


To help your degus avoid getting a painful foot condition like bumble foot, do not use mesh floors. Don't leave your degus in the sun too long when you sunbathe them.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard pieces
  • Glass or plexi bottom tank
  • Mesh or mesh cage
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