How to Give a Sports Massage

Updated March 21, 2017

Sports injuries are common. One way to help with the healing process, as well as prevent future injuries, is through sports massage.

Massage all of the aching muscles. The muscles used during the sport should be focused on during a sports massage.

Start lightly. Warm the muscles up by massaging them lightly. You can then use harder stoking movements once the muscles are used to the pressure.

Knead the muscles. Kneading movements apply deep pressure on the muscles and help them to strengthen and heal.

Continue the pressure. When giving a sports massage, you should keep applying sustained pressure along the entire muscle to allow it to fully benefit from the sports massage.

Use circular motions. Massaging the muscles in a circular motion is beneficial because the movement helps to get every area of the muscle.

Give massages often. In order to heal injuries, increase flexibility and remove lactic acid, a sports massage should be given often. Light massages can be given every day and deep massages should be done at least once a month.

Recover. After giving a light massage, the athlete can return to the field of play almost immediately. If you use deep techniques, the muscles need to take a day to recover.


When you are giving a sports massage, it is important to target the most commonly used muscles, such as hamstrings, quads and the lower back, as frequently as possible during the massage.

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