How to Remove Lipstick From Carpet

The carpet's laid and looks beautiful--until you drop your red lipstick on it. Or your young child decides to draw with red lipstick on the white carpet. Lipstick can be a mess to clean up, but there are a few things that will work to get it out. You probably have most of this somewhere in your house.

Get an old rag that you don't mind losing. Squirt some Goo Gone onto the rag and start dabbing on the lipstick spot. Rub gently without spreading the lipstick out any further. Use another piece of the rag and rub some more. Keep turning the rag when it becomes full of color. Rub down into any fibers that may still be covered with lipstick.

Try dry cleaning fluid or lighter fluid if you don't have any Goo Gone. They don't smell as nice, but can serve the purpose. Blot and gently rub using the same techniques.

Start cleaning the spot as soon as you notice it. The longer the dye sets on the carpet, the better chance it has to dry and stain the spot permanently.

Mix ΒΌ cup dish soap with a few capfuls of Woolite or another fine fabric cleaner in a gallon of warm water and begin blotting with another clean rag. You may have some residue from the solvents and the soap can lift out the rest of the lipstick.

Blot out any residue with a clean wet cloth so that any remaining dye will not settle. Let the soap dry and vacuum the dried soap.

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