How to Get Rid of Fuschia Plant Pests

Fuschia flowers are intricate and delicate, and are loved by butterflies and hummingbirds. Unfortunately, they are also susceptible to aphids and white spider mites. Getting rid of these pests and preserving the beauty of fuschias is possible with a "green" process rather than with chemicals.

Use a jet of water from an outdoor hose to wash the insects off the plant. This requires a fairly strong spray, so be sure the fuschia plant is hardy and large enough to withstand the treatment. Watch the plant carefully for eggs laid by previous insect tenants. Some eggs are tiny black specks and some are apple green. However not all eggs are clearly visible, so repeat the spray jet bath regularly, and again when you see pests reappear on the plant.

Spray the fuschia plant with soapy water. Soap interferes with the pests' biological development and kills them quickly. Repeat the soapy spray treatment once per week.

Prune the plant to get rid of most of the pests if the fuschia plant is heavily infested. Cut off plant limbs that are visibly infested. Fuschias can be pruned back to the primary stalks without harming the plant.

Apply a natural pesticide mixture of pyrethrum (made from chrysanthemum flowers) and garlic once per week. If the fuschia plant is located in a heavily trafficked area, use the mixture sparingly, as the garlic can smell...well, like garlic.

Lure hoverflies to the fuschia plants. Hoverfly larvae eat a large amount of aphids per minute and are an excellent control for these pests. Planting limnanthes douglasii, or poached eggplant, is one sure lure. Another lure is yellow flowers such as yarrow, broom and knapweed. Buckwheat and convolvulus produce nectar that also attract hoverflies.

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