How to Shrink Wrap Soap

Shrink wrapping soap is a good idea if you run a home craft business. Shrink wrapping lets customers smell and touch the soap without ruining it, if they choose not to buy it. Professional shrink wrapping requires a shrink wrap machine, a heat gun, shrink wrap and tape.

Gather your shrink wrap film or bags, your heat gun and labels. Make sure your soap is completely dry before attempting to shrink wrap it.

Place the bar of soap in the shrink wrap bag or wrap it with the shrink film. Fold the ends over and secure with clear tape. Trim off any excess shrink wrap.

Seal the shrink wrap with a heat gun. Using paintbrush like strokes, go over the entire bar of soap until the shrink wrap clings to the soap.

Attach a label or ribbon to the soap. Many soap makers prefer putting their label over the tape used to secure the edges.

Lay out a large piece of bag shrink wrap on a table. It's best to use a roll dispenser so you can easily roll out sheets of shrink wrap.

Place the bars of soap into the shrink wrap in a grid pattern. Keep a few inches of space between each bar so you have plenty of room to seal the shrink wrap.

Use a wand sealer to seal the shrink wrap around the bars of soap. Work in a vertical pattern first, and then turn the wand sealer horizontal and seal the rest of the shrink wrap. Carefully pull the packages of soap apart at the seams.

Seal the shrink wrap with a heat gun, doing each bar individually. You can also stack the bars of soap and heat seal each side, turning the stack as you seal.

Attach a label or ribbon to the bars of soap.


If you don't have shrink wrap, you can substitute plastic wrap by tightly wrapping your soap and securing with tape.


Don't leave the heat gun pointed at one place too long. The heat can melt through the shrink wrap and damage your soap.

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