How to answer interview questions for a promotion

Updated February 21, 2017

You're excited because you have an interview for a job promotion. You know you have the skills for the job, but you are worried about answering the interview questions. Use these tips to answer interview questions for a promotion.

Show your accomplishments and your strengths. Let the interviewer see what you have to offer and how you are suited for the promotion. Minimize your weaknesses, or turn them into positives by showing how you would overcome them.

Give examples of your good work. Show concrete examples of your business success and patterns of successful behavior.

Do your research. Know what the interviewer is looking for in your answers and show your knowledge of the business, especially as it relates to the promotion. Explain how you will enrich the company if you are promoted, and give examples of your success and accomplishments.

Describe how you handle challenges. The interviewer will probably give you possible scenarios and ask you how you would handle the problems. Turn any negative answers into positive answers. Explain how you would overcome any weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Explain what you would do if you were promoted and how these things would help the company. Show your leadership skills and your ability to be a team player. Explain how you are able to work with others and take charge when needed.

Answer close-ended questions with short answers to keep the interview moving forward. Answer open-ended questions with long answers to show insight into your abilities.

Show your willingness to work overtime and get any extra training that is needed. Demonstrate your knowledge of the new job's responsibilities and your ability to handle that responsibility.


Appear calm, cool and collected at all times. Remain positive and confident. Be enthusiastic and describe your vision of the future.

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