How to get rid of bags under eyes

Updated April 17, 2017

Droopy bags under your eyes add years to your appearance, even if you still feel young. Send those bags packing with a few simple steps.

Get plenty of rest at night. Adequate sleep is an underrated and age-old remedy for just about anything that ails you. For bags under the eyes, it can work in a matter of a few restful nights.

Apply a cold compress to the eyes in the morning before you get out of bed. Lie on your back, rest, and let the coolness seep into the skin around your eyes, visibly reducing puffiness in about 10 minutes.

Drink lots of water. Down 8 to 10 glass every day and you won’t just see a difference in the skin under your eyes, but on every inch of the rest of you as well. Skin needs water for elasticity and to renew itself.

Wash your face with cool water in the morning. It feels refreshing, gently awakens you and the cool water helps to firm your skin and reduce puffiness immediately.

Apply an under eye cream formulated to reduce puffiness to the skin under your eyes at night.


While you’re working on getting rid of puffy eyes, camouflage them with a yellow-based blemish cover cream. Gently dab three dots along the skin under your eye and blend in. It will look yellow until you apply your regular shade of make-up over it. The result is a more balanced look between the under-eye skin and the rest of the skin on your face, minimising the appearance of bags.

Things You'll Need

  • Cold compress
  • Eye cream designed to minimise puffiness
  • Drinking water
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