How to give a cocker spaniel a summer puppy cut

Updated November 21, 2016

Summer heat can be hard on longhair dogs, especially odour-causing pets or those with thick coats, like cocker spaniels. Consider a short puppy cut to keep your cocker spaniel cooler this summer.

Gather all the supplies needed for clipping the dog.

Place the pet on the grooming table, using the appropriate precautions when lifting. Use grooming straps to secure the dog.

Brush and comb through the dog's coat, using the matt breaker if necessary. This is critical, as matts will catch on the clippers and injure the dog.

Using a No. 9 or No. 10 clipper blade, shave the face clean, going in the direction of the hair growth. Take special care in removing the hair near the cocker spaniel's eyes, using the clippers opposite the hair growth in this area.

Use a No. 10 blade on the pet clippers to trim inside of both ears. Be careful of the folds in the cocker spaniel's ear. Use a cool, sharp blade.

Starting at the base of the skull, use the blade length you chose for the body of the cocker spaniel puppy cut. If you chose a clip-on comb attachment for a longer puppy cut, place it over a No. 9 blade first. Always clip the entire body of the cocker spaniel in the direction of the hair growth.

Use a No.10 blade on the pet clippers to shave under the hind legs, up to the middle of the stomach.

Use a No.10 blade on the pet clipper to shave under the tail and around the anus. Use care in this area and don't allow the clippers to make contact with the anus.

Use a No.10 blade on the dog clippers and clip the hair between the pads on each of the cocker spaniel's feet. Spread the toes and trim the hair from the bottom.

Clip the toenails with the nail clippers. Have the styptic powder handy in case a toenail gets cut too close. To avoid cutting too close, hold the nail clippers flat against the pads of the dog's foot and trim small amounts at a time to where the nail curves slightly.

Bathe the cocker spaniel and use a conditioning cream rinse to soften the coat for the finish clip. Make sure all matts are removed before bathing, because water will make them tighter.

Dry the dog with a blow dryer or towel. Wait until the dog is dry before finishing the puppy cut.

Clip the body of the dog with a finish blade marked with the same blade number as you used for the rough cut, but followed by an "F." For example, if you used a No.4 blade for the rough cut, you'll use a No.4F blade for the finish puppy cut.

Trim the legs of the dog with scissors or pet clippers, depending on the length you like. For longer hair on the legs, comb the pet hair from the foot to the hip and trim in a downward motion with grooming scissors. Lay scissors even with table to trim around the dog's feet.

Comb through the cocker spaniel's ears, both inside and outside. Trim around the edge of the ear from the inside and the outside to get them even.


Having confidence when grooming a dog will help keep the pet calm. Spray clipper blades often with clipper-blade coolant to help prevent clipper burn on your pet. Sterilise pet-grooming clipper blades after each use.


Using pet clippers against the grain of the hair growth will result in total hair removal. Never use hot pet-clipper blades.

Things You'll Need

  • Dog clippers
  • Clipper coolant/oil
  • Clipper blades
  • Clipper comb attachments
  • Dog blow dryer
  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog cream rinse
  • Dog ear cleaner
  • Cotton balls and swabs
  • Dog toenail clippers
  • Styptic powder
  • Slicker brush
  • Dog comb
  • Matt breaker
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