How to start a fish farm

Updated April 17, 2017

Beginning a business in aquaculture can be profitable. Understanding the specific steps that need to be taken to achieve success can allow you to start your fish farm in the correct way.

Create a business plan and a marketing strategy and map out financial resources. This will allow you to determine your start-up needs and outline the vision you want to reach.

Choose a business structure, obtain a business license, and register with the appropriate local, state and federal agencies.

Decide on the type of fish and whether you want more than one type of fish. This will determine how everything is set up around the farm.

Build a fish home. Depending on the type of fish you choose, you will need to build a habitat that works effectively for them. For example, if you have freshwater fish that need warmer waters, you will need to make sure you have lakes and ponds for the fish as well as a way to maintain the water temperature. Many times, fish farms will filter in water from one main pump that keeps the temperature at a certain level and keeps everything clean. In relation to this, make sure that you have enough land to give your fish space to swim.

Build a fish system and establish a breeding pond in one area and another area where you'll keep fish you don't want to breed. In each of these places, make sure there is a system to keep the water clean, keep the fish fed and pump the water in and out of the system.

Find the market. You will want to find small stores that want fresh fish, as well as larger stores you can easily ship to. Make sure you know whether you will ship them live and find the correct tools to get them to the market.


Research the most effective and least demanding types of fish to raise.

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