How to wear tuxedo studs

Tuxedo studs are a great way to add a little extra style to any tuxedo shirt. Like cufflinks, tuxedo studs are considered to be a desirable touch that will provide an elegant and complete look to the formal wear. Wearing tuxedo studs is a simple process that requires only a couple of extra moments to put in place and secure properly, so the shirt is secure and retain a fresh and crisp look.

Determine the type of tuxedo shirt you will be wearing. Some tuxedo shirts are designed with two sets of holes. The inward section of holes is known as stud holes. The outer flap containing holes are the buttonholes. Other designs for the tuxedo shirt will have the traditional single row of buttonholes that are used with all types of men’s button down shirts. You can use tuxedo studs with either design.

Put on the tuxedo shirt. Leave the front of the shirt unbuttoned.

Slide the stem of the tuxedo stud through the second button hole from the neck of the shirt. The stem will be equipped with a small loop that will fit around the corresponding button on the opposite front section of the shirt. When the loop is properly fitted around the button, the two front panels of the shirt will lay flat, without any appearance of a gap.

Place the loop of the tuxedo stud around the button. Proceed to the next buttonhole in the sequence and repeat the process.

Button the shirtfront using the inner row of holes when the tuxedo shirt is designed with two rows of botton holes. Slide the tuxedo stud through the corresponding outer hole and place the loop on the stem around the button. Continue until the outer row of stud holes is held in place with the tuxedo studs.


Some designs of tuxedo shirts do not use buttons at all, and are designed with a single row of buttonholes on each section of the shirtfront. When this is the case, use tuxedo studs that have a “T” shaped mechanism at the end of the stem. Simply slide the stem through the two corresponding holes on the shirt and use the fingers to turn the cross bar on the “T” stem to close that section of the shirt. Repeat at each set of holes down the front of the shirt.

Know what type of tuxedo shirt you are purchasing or renting before you select the tuxedo studs. The studs are usually available in mushroom designs as well as the “T” shaped ones.


Never try to use a design of tuxedo studs that are not right for the construction of the shirt. The end result will not create a tailored and refined look.

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