How to make a questionnaire

Updated April 17, 2017

A questionnaire is a good way to gather information from a group of people. You can learn a group's knowledge, opinions and preferences by surveying them through a questionnaire. Use the following steps to create a questionnaire that will get the best results.

Determine the type of information you want to before you begin to write survey questions. Be specific when formulating your questions concerning the topic of interest.

Decide what types of individuals, from which walks of life, and in what region of the world you are going to distribute the questionnaire. Make sure that your subjects are varied; they make up your survey sample.

Calculate how many people you will be surveying and create that number of questionnaires to distribute. The more responses you get, the more insightful your results will be.

Create an introduction for your questionnaire. Include a brief summary explaining the reason for your questionnaire and instructions on how to complete it. Doing so will limit the number of questions about their role that your test group will have.

Be straightforward and clear when creating survey questions. Don't write questions in a way that can be misinterpreted.

Limit the responses for each question. Make it a multiple-choice questionnaire so that the group has limited answers therefore making it easier to calculate the results of the questionnaire.

Try to keep your survey questionnaire to one page. Anything longer will lose the test group's interest.

After creating the questionnaire, double check it for typos or errors. Have someone else read and edit it. You may even want to have a few people take the survey before you introduce it to sample group.


Some people won't take the questionnaire seriously. Make sure you remember this as you write, distribute and calculate the results of your questionnaire.

Things You'll Need

  • Survey sample group
  • Survey objective (what should the survey measure? A customer satisfaction survey, for example)
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