How to determine the cost of carpet

Updated April 17, 2017

Carpeting is typically sold by the square metre and very often, when a price is quoted for carpeting, the cost of installation is included. Installation involves more than just the transport of the carpet to the site where it will be installed and laying it down on the floor. It also includes wooden strips that are nailed to the subfloor or slab so the carpet can be fastened down. Carpet padding comes in various thicknesses and is put down on the floor first. The carpet is then laid over the padding and stretched with a stretching tool so it stays wrinkle-free even when temperature and humidity vary significantly from one day to the next. Most people buy carpeting with installation included. These instructions for figuring out the cost of carpet use metres as the units of measurement.

Measure the length and the width (in metres) of the floor area where the carpet will be installed. If there is more than one room, measure the lengths and widths of each room.

Multiply the length times the width. Do this for each room, then add all of the results together. Round the result up to the next square metre. This is the total number of square metres that will be needed.

Select a style and brand of carpet at a carpet shop, or a department store.

Ask the shop assistant for the square-metre price of the carpet with pad and installation included, if you want a price that includes installation. Ask for just the square-metre price of the carpet and pad if you will be installing the carpet yourself.

Multiply the square metres calculated in step two by the square-metre price given to you by the shop assistant. The result is the cost of the carpet, either installed, or uninstalled, depending upon your choice in Step 4.


When calculating right triangle shapes, multiply the length by the width and then divide that result by 2. When calculating a circular area, measure from the centre of the circle to the outside edge of the circle. Multiply this number by itself and then multiply that result by 3.14. To find the area of carpet for a half circle, divide the previous result by 2.

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