How to Use a Trangia Camping Stove

Updated July 20, 2017

Do you love camping but hate waiting for that campfire to break down into coals that you can use to cook? The Trangia camping stove is just for you --and it's light enough that just day hikers could use it.

Open the package and get out all the parts. You will love how neatly everything has been packed and how a whole lot of cookware is jammed into a tiny amount of space. You will want to pay attention to how everything fits so that you will be able to fit it all back together into the same small space.

Set up the windshield. Your Trangia stove should come with a windshield to guard the flame in windy conditions. This shield has two parts. Put the bottom part on the ground--pick out a spot that is flat and firm.

Put the burner together (and don't start a forest fire). Take the lid off the brass burner unit, and take your methylated spirits and pour some in. Put the lid back on top at once. Set the burner right in the middle of the windshield and protect it with the top half of the windshield.

Now the fun part for you pyromaniacs -- light a match and drop it on the burner. Don't be worried if you don't see flames -- the heat will be noticeable when the spirits catch fire.

Set the pan across the metal supports just inside the windshield. If you would like to use the frying pan, lift the metal supports with the removable handle, and place the frying pan on top of the heat. You can use this handle to remove the pan from the windshield.

Time to cook! The stove is ready to fry your food, or boil water for you. You can control the flame by adjusting the burner top. Be sure to ALWAYS use the handle attachment when you are moving the burner top.

When you are done, set the closed burner top in place, and this will turn off the stove. The replaced lid will stop the flow of oxygen to the flame, which will go out in a matter of seconds. Do NOT use the burner lid to put the stove out, because you will melt the rubber seal in the lid, and you will end up with a burner covered with melted rubber. You can check to see if the fire is out by taking off the burner top. Once you have checked and the flame is out, set the Trangia aside so that it can cool down before you get it packed.


If you plan your eating ahead of time, you can have prepackaged bags for each meal.\nThe stove burns methylated spirits, which can be ported around in a smaller container than a gas can.\nTo make your flame as clean as possible, add about 10% water to 90% spirits, so your pots and pans don't blacken.


NEVER use a stove in a tent or confined space. Not only is there a risk of fire, but this stove produces carbon monoxide fumes.\nNEVER refill the stove with spirits while the flame is still on. Put out the flame and wait for 30 minutes before you refill the burner. If the fire is still lit, or the burner is too hot, the spirits could catch fire.\nNEVER leave a lit stove unattended. This stove should NOT be a heat source, because it produces fumes that could be deadly in a tent.\nNEVER touch the burner while you are cooking. Even though you can't see the flames, you will still get burned.\nNEVER use the burner lid to put out the burner -- the rubber seal will melt all over the burner and ruin your oven.\nNEVER leave the handle attached when a pan is on the burner. The metal will get extremely hot and hurt you.\nALWAYS keep the methylated spirits in a bottle that is clearly marked and separate from your drinks. If you drink this, you will become blind.

Things You'll Need

  • Matches\nTrangia stove\nBottle for fuel\nMethylated spirits or denatured alcohol\nWhite spirits
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