How to use a foot scraper

Updated April 17, 2017

Calloused heels and feet are not attractive for either men or women. Dry heels can turn into cracked heels, which also are likely to attract debris and dirt, making you look like you have dirty feet, even if you've just stepped from the shower or bath. A pretty pedicure with the help of a foot scraper goes a long way to achieving soft and youthful looking heels.

Choose your preferred foot scraper. Variations include the double-sided file, Pedi-egg, callus shaver with rasp, emery board and pumice stone.

Prepare water for a foot soak. You should always soak your feet before using foot scrapers. Use water as warm as you can stand, and soak feet for a minimum of five minutes and an ideal of 15 minutes.

Prepare a foot spa or basin in which to soak your feet. Fill it with enough water to completely submerge your feet.

Make a soak solution with hand soap or shampoo. You can add salts, such as Epsom salts that act as a natural disinfectant. A teaspoon of olive oil provides a moisturising element while aromatic oils like camomile soften skin, and lavender can help heal cuts and fissures.

Soak your feet and wait for the solution to soften the hardened skin on your feet. Touch the bottoms of your feet, singling out the areas that will need the foot scraper's attention. You should be able to find the hardened calluses, which are most commonly on the balls of the feet, the sides of the feet and the heels.

Lay a towel next to the basin or bowl and place your feet on them, drying them gently. Bring your foot up to the opposite knee, flex your foot so the ball of the foot moves outward. Hold the scraper with the back of it towards the foot, and then file/scrape off the skin in a downward motion. Repeat the backwards and forwards movement until there is no more callused skin to remove.

Use a pumice stone on your feet for a finer edge to further smooth out the skin.

Moisturise your feet with an oil or rich moisturiser and massage your feet all over, including the area treated with the foot scraper/file. Massaging feet increases blood circulation, relaxes muscles and relieves aches and pains.


Never try to file/scrape the feet when dry, because it may cause bleeding and may thin skin to the point of sensitivity.

Things You'll Need

  • Epsom or bath salts
  • Aromatic oils
  • Moisturiser
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