How to Use Fimo Clay

Fimo clay is a brand of polymer clay used by hobbyists and artists to create jewelry, decorative objects, sculptures, dollmaking and other projects. It's also a good medium for children's crafts. Use Fimo clay in molds or work it with your hands and sculpting tools. Fimo is available in a range of colors and textures.

Knead the Fimo clay for several minutes before you use it. Roll and squash it in your hands until it's warm and workable. Use a food processor to work the clay or roll clay with a rolling pin or pasta machine.

Put down a piece of plexiglass or waxed paper to provide a non-stick surface for the clay.

Press a flattened piece of clay between sheets of white paper if it's too soft. Leave it overnight. If clay is too hard, apply a clay softener.

Mix different colors of clay together to make new ones. To make light colors, use 1 part color to 8 parts of white.

Apply metallic or pearlized powders to clay before baking. The finishes look best on black or dark colored clay. Pearlescent powder on white clay gives a pearl finish.

Bake finished pieces according to manufacturer's directions. Allow the clay to cool completely before painting.

Brush clay with nail polish remover to remove grease. Paint baked clay with acrylic paint. Seal with an acrylic or alcohol based varnish.

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