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A dual flush toilet is a high-efficiency, water-conserving innovation that is specifically designed to be environmentally friendly. In fact, numerous cities have made it mandatory to install dual flush toilets in new home and office buildings so as to conserve valuable water resources. Dual flush toilets save huge volumes of water and can significantly reduce the water bill.


The word "dual" in dual flush toilet does not, in fact, denote a toilet that flushes twice. It actually refers to the two buttons that are used to operate the toilet. A dual flush toilet will have two buttons. Pressing one button will flush the toilet with about 3 litres of water and is generally referred to as a short flush. Pressing the other button will release about 6 to7 litres of water and is called a long flush.


Despite the use of the words "short" and "long," the long flush of a dual flush toilet generally uses less than half of the water that is needed in a normal toilet--which commonly uses close to 20 litres of water per flush. The dual flush can lower toilet water usage by 60 per cent when compared to a traditional flush toilet, and these savings are reflected on the water bill. While a dual flush toilet is more expensive than a traditional flush toilet, the savings gained from reduced water usage make it cost effective over the long term. What's more, you will be playing your part in saving resources.


There is a simple concept behind the effectiveness of the dual flush toilet in conserving water. It is the fact that the waste human beings produces is generally divided into liquid waste and solid waste. Liquid waste generally needs less water to flush; hence, there is no need to empty a whole toilet tank of water to achieve this. Solid waste, on the other hand, needs more water to drain, which is provided by the long flush.


A dual flush toilet is also specifically designed with a relatively wide trap to allow the waste to flush through easily. In the old traditional flush toilets, the trap is small and the waste tends to get jammed in. This uses even more water for additional flushing and cleaning.


There are many designs available in dual flush toilets. Generally, dual flush toilets with elongated bowls are used for children, elderly people and for people suffering from arthritis or other ailments in which movement is restricted.
Sleek and aesthetically pleasing designs are available for younger people and for those who want to enhance their bathroom decor. Also, some dual flush toilets have soft-close seats for noise-reduction. Other dual flush toilet designs have removable seats to facilitate toilet cleaning.

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