How to make a dinosaur cake

Updated March 23, 2017

This delightful three dimensional dinosaur cake is sure to charm the dinosaur lovers in your family. This is a great project for birthday parties. With a little creative effort you can create this monstrous delight right in your own kitchen.

Bake two 9-inch cake layers. Cool completely. Remove from pans.

Make at least 6 cups of butter cream frosting. Colour your frosting, perhaps a vivid green or purple, or divide and use two contrasting colours.

Cut one cake layer in half, place the two halves together with cut edges facing down. Attach the halves with frosting. Cut the other layer in half, then cut one half in quarters, these are the legs. Cut a tail from the rounded edge of the other half, and use the remaining cake to fashion the head. Trim the pieces, rounding the corners. Attach the pieces with frosting, using wooden skewers to secure.

Remove the assembled dinosaur cake from the freezer and remove the wooden skewers securing the pieces and discard. Generously apply frosting over the entire cake.

Use chocolate square candies to make spikes on the dinosaur's back and tail. You can make a single row or a double row of spikes. Use white mini jelly beans to make toe nails and red mini jelly beans to make the eyes. Use chocolate chips for nostrils. Chocolate chips or other candies can be used for spots on the dino body, if desired, as well

Serve and enjoy!


Bake your cake from scratch, rather than from a mix for best results. A scratch baked cake will be denser and you will have less crumbs to deal with. Don't skip the crumb coating step, or applying a thin coat of frosting all over the cake, before proceeding to frost and decorate your dinosaur. This seals the cake and will make the frosting job much easier. Freezing your cake before the final frosting and decorations will make your cake easier to work with, and will also help keep the crumbs to a minimum for main frosting. Be creative! Add what ever finishing touches that you would like. Make triangle shapes out of sugar cookie dough for spikes. Use different candies for your decorations or make a two colour dinosaur--the possibilities are endless.


As always, use care when cooking with children present. Keep knives and skewers out of reach, and guard against burns.

Things You'll Need

  • Two 9-inch round cakes made from your favourite recipe
  • 6 cups butter cream frosting
  • Food colouring
  • Square chocolate candies
  • Chocolate chips, white and red mini jelly beans
  • Wooden skewers
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