How to Turn a Small Bedroom into a Dressing Room

Do you have a small room you don’t use and in the meanwhile you are short on closet space? Well, you can turn that small bedroom into a dressing room with a few simple steps.

Hang wallpaper. If you are going to have a dressing room, you might as well make it extra special by installing a pretty floral wallpaper. If wallpaper is not our thing, paint the room in a nice pink or peach colour as it goes well with most skin tones.

Buy stackable modular closet units. Stackable modular closet units will allow you to arrange your dressing room in any number of ways. You can purchase units with shelves for your sweaters, drawers for your unmentionables and cubes or slanted shelves for your shoes.

Install clothing racks. For hanging clothes, two or three clothing racks are great to have. If you are lucky enough to find a clothing store that is closing, you may be able to get your hand on a set of rotating circular racks.

Hang curtains. To eliminate the appearance of clothing on closet racks, you can install a wall of curtains to hide them. You can keep them tied back or let them down to cover up your messes.

Buy a lighted make-up mirror and chair. No dressing room is complete without a lighted mirror and chair. You can purchase a small make-up table or install a wall-to-wall counter and mirror with drawers underneath. Add two full length mirrors to either side of a corner of the room. Purchase a third standing mirror so you can see yourself from all sides when checking your outfit.

Purchase comfortable furniture. In addition to a place to make you beautiful, a dressing room is also a great place to relax. Add a comfortable lounge hair and a basket full of your favourite magazines. You can even add a trundle sofabed for guests just in case.

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