How to convert women's clothing sizes

Updated April 17, 2017

As more clothing from around the world is purchased over the Internet, it is helpful to be able to convert American sizes to sizes from other countries. American sizes can vary among manufacturers, so use these conversions only as a guide.

If you wish to convert from American sizes to British clothing sizes, add 2 to the American or Canadian size. In the United States and Canada, a size 2 is equivalent to a British size 4, a 6 to an 8, 8 to 10 and so on.

When converting from American sizes to French sizes, you need to add 30 to the American/Canadian size. Thus, a 2 is equivalent to a 32, a 4 is a 34 in French sizing, 6 becomes 36 and so on.

For German sizing, you will need to add 28 to the American/Canadian size. Thus, an American 2 becomes a German 30, and a 14 is a 42.

Italian sizing is determined by adding 34 to the American/Canadian size. An American size 2 becomes an Italian size 36, a 4 becomes a 38, and so on.

Australian sizes are determined by adding the number 4 to the American size. A 2 becomes an Australian 6, and a 10 becomes a 14.

The Japanese conversion becomes an odd number. To get the correct Japanese size, you need to add the number 3 to the American/Canadian size. An American size 2 becomes a Japanese size 5, a 4 becomes a 7, and so on.


American clothing cuts tend to be roomier than their European counterparts. You may need to go up a size.


Before ordering any sizes, check if the clothing manufacturer provides sizing charts.

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