How to get an action figure made of yourself

Updated February 21, 2017

Action figures range from Star Wars, to the WWE, to all your favourite superheroes. It may be fun and exciting to collect or play with action figures resembling other people, but what if you could have an action figure created of yourself? There are many ways to do this, and getting one would be a great thing to show off to family, friends, and other action figure collectors.

Shop around: The easiest way to have an action figure of yourself is to have one of several companies make one for you.

The first step is to find what you want. If you simply want a replication of yourself then one of the best places to use is Andgor Toys (see Resources below). They have created several custom action figures including ones resembling celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis.

If you want your action figure to have more features then check out Hero Builders (see Resources below). Along with creating your 12 inch action figure, Hero Builders also provides it with voice capabilities, custom clothing and tattoos, and they will make any accessories that you request.

If you want to create your whole family, you can also do that with Hero Builders, even including the pets that you own.

To get the action figures made you will have to take pictures of the subject. It is recommended that you use a digital camera for these pictures so you can easily e-mail them.

The pictures should be taken against a white or plain wall and you should take around 15 pictures to get the best possible figure. Start off with just a front picture of the face. Continue until you have pictures of every angle of the head.

To bestow a specific look on the face of your action figure, take a closeup of the mouth smiling, angry or expressing any other emotion of your choice.

After the pictures are submitted, the company will send you a prototype image of what the figure. You can then approve the image or request a few changes before the final development takes place.


Be prepared to spend a lot of money on these figures.

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