How to Get Personalized Chopsticks

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are an Asian food lover and chopstick aficionado, you know that chopsticks are not just an eating utensil, but a beautiful addition to the table as well. Getting personalised chopsticks for a special meal or dinner party can take your table display over the top and let your guests know you did some extra planning. Want to get something extra special for your guests? Here is how to get personalised chopsticks.

Start at the Everything Chopsticks website. They have a huge collection of Japanese, Chinese and Thai chopsticks and chopstick rests and make it easy for you to personalise some sticks for your special event or dinner party. You do have to order in bulk to get a good price, so this is perfect for the wedding reception but maybe not for an intimate gathering. If the chopsticks are too big of an investment for you, simply personalise the chopstick sleeve.

Go to the Laser Imageworks website to get some more traditional looking personalised chopsticks. Whether you want a beautiful Asian symbol or your name imprinted, this online store has what you need. You can get sticks for as low as £1.60 each, so it's definitely in the budget.

For a smaller more elegant dinner party you may want to splurge and go to Adopt Shoppe, where they offer silver tipped (and engravable) chopsticks with a matching silver chopstick rest. These are beautiful and affordable for just a little above £13.00. You will be impressed, and so will your guests.

Go to Favor Studio to get a special gift for your rehearsal dinner or event by providing beautiful wooden chopsticks in a lovely wooden gift box. You can get as little as 23 chopsticks for a great price and the boxes really make a terrific presentation.

Final stop, Glass Chopsticks. Get some really unusual chopsticks for your event. Although not personalised, they are unique and will be a treasured take home gift for invitees. Check the Resources area for links to all the sites listed.


Plan ahead. Personalised gifts take some time to create and ship.


Be sure all the spellings on your custom chopsticks are correct before ordering.

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