How to Make a Personalized Flower Pot

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you are giving a potted plant to a co-worker or having a garden party and need some cute table decorations, personalising flower pots is an easy way to use your creativity to brighten someone's day. With just a few simple craft supplies you can take a plain and inexpensive terra-cotta pot and turn it into a treasured gift item. Gather your items and let's get started.

Lay your items out on the table. You should have your terra-cotta pot, paints and other supplies.

Think about the gift recipient and decide what images you'd like to include on your flower pot that would reflect your knowledge of their interests. For example, if your friend loves sunflowers, you may just want to paint sunflowers. If your friend collects Day of the Dead items, you may want to challenge yourself to paint some skeletons.

Paint a solid colour onto the entire pot surface if desired. Think of this as the background for your artwork.

Using the acrylic paints, begin painting the images on your flowerpot. Remember, you are painting in-the-round, so make your image stretch around the entire surface. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Once dry, spray with a paint sealant and fill the pot with your favourite plant.

If you aren't artistically talented you may want to use paper images cut out from magazines or other sources. For example, say you are making a flower pot for a teenage girl. Cut out photos of Justin Timberlake for her special container.

Adhere images to dry pot surface using Modge Podge. Allow to dry thoroughly. Make sure all edges are securely stuck onto the pot.

Spray the dried collage images with spray surface sealant to waterproof.

Plant a lovely flower in the pot and gift!


Use handmade paper torn into small squares for an antique looking personalised flower pot.\n\nUse this technique for indoor plants so that the colours don't fade as quickly. \n\nUse miniature terra-cotta pots for garden dinner parties and write the guests name on the pot with metallic marker. You can fill the tiny containers with mints or candies. \n\nThis is a fun project for the kids to surprise Grandma with!


Use spray sealants in a well-ventilated area.

Things You'll Need

  • Terra-cotta pots in sizes desired\nAcrylic paints in a variety of colors\nPaint brushes\nWater source for clean up \nSpray paint sealer \nVentilated area\nCut out images\nModge Podge\nMetallic permanent markers
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