How to tell if your female friend likes you

Updated March 23, 2017

You and your female friend were buddies for years, and the feelings you two had for each are the same as a brother and sister. Lately you've noticed a change in her behaviour--you even feel that she likes you in "that" way. If you're not positive that your friend wants to be your girlfriend, read on to learn how to tell whether your female friend likes you.

Read her eyes. It's all in the eyes and conversation. If your friend is staring at you a lot longer than she should or has a sparkle in her eyes, she is giving away the feelings she has for you. Or if whenever she is talking to you she flirts or says how cute she thinks you are, she is acting as if she is your girlfriend without you knowing it.

Observe her behaviour. Normally when the two of you hang out, things are usually lighthearted, fun and nothing more. But all of a sudden she wants to playfully wrestle with you or lightly brush her hand against your arm. She is most likely hinting to you that she wants to get extra close.

Notice a difference in her style of clothing. She could wear whatever she wants when she is around you--after all, you're just a platonic friend, and she really doesn't need to impress you. But when you notice that her appearance is getting sexier by the minute and you're wondering what's the occasion, the truth is she wants you to take notice of her beauty and see her in a different light.

She wants to be all yours. If you are dating other women, most of the time she is cool with it, but suddenly she is being critical of them and sees them as some type of competition. It isn't that she is being protective of you; it means she has a tinge of jealously, as she pictures you and her together and no one else.


If you're certain that she is really digging you, just ask whether she has a crush on you, and if she does, be flattered If you like her the same way, too, then you both should begin a romantic relationship.


Be warned that sometimes a friendship can become awkward once one of the people in it announces his or her true feelings.

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