How to Wrap a Dog's Paw so the Dressing Won't Come Off

Updated April 17, 2017

Injured dogs make terrible patients, and it can be a struggle stopping them from scratching off any dressings you apply. If your dog's paw is punctured or lacerated, you may have to bandage it to keep it clean or stop the bleeding. After you have removed any objects stuck in it and cleaned the paw with an antiseptic, gently wrap the paw to protect the injury. Although the dressing does need to be somewhat firm to be effective, it must not be so tight that it cuts off your dog's circulation.

Spread an antibiotic cream over a gauze pad, and cover the injury with the pad. Tape the pad to the paw with two pieces of adhesive tape, one on each side of the leg. The tape should extend several inches above the injury, binding the pad securely.

Wrap the entire foot and ankle in cotton gauze. You may also place cotton balls between the toes if the injury is on or near the toes, protecting them further.

Secure the dressing and the cotton balls by wrapping them with adhesive tape or a self-adhesive bandage. Wrap the tape over and under the foot, without binding it too tightly.

Cover the wrapping with a plastic bag before your dog walks outside.


Change the bandage and gauze every day. Check for infection and to make sure the wound is healing properly. If you suspect that it is not healing right, take your dog to a vet.


If your dog's toes are swollen or cool, the dressing is too tight and needs to be loosened immediately.

Things You'll Need

  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Gauze pad
  • Tape
  • Cotton gauze
  • Cotton balls (optional)
  • Self-adhesive bandage (optional)
  • Plastic bag
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