How to Stop All the Ads in Hotmail

If you get a lot of ads while using your Hotmail service, you're likely fed up with the annoyance. Excessive pop up ads can slow you down and reduce your computer's performance. You can try several different methods to stop all pop up ads on Hotmail in Windows.

Utilize your browser's pop up blocker. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer have powerful pop up blocker capabilities. Find the pop up blocker menu under your browser's "Tools" option. Choose the strongest level of protection to keep ads from appearing.

Download a torrent. While online, you can find a user provided torrent to stop all the ads from appearing in Hotmail. You can find a free effective torrent on Pirate Bay. Download will only take a couple of minutes and once you execute the file, you won't have the issue any longer.

Update your Windows Service Pack. Make sure your Window's Service Pack stays current. The newest versions include a strong pop up blocker to protect you while on the Hotmail site.

Purchase a pop up ad blocker. If you're not finding any relief from Hotmail ads through a free method, you may want to invest in a pop up ad blocker. Get a download from the No Adware site.


If you have any anti-spyware software installed on your computer, you probably have protection against adware.


Don't click on any of the pop-up ads through Hotmail. You'll make your computer vulnerable to spyware and viruses.

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