How to Start a Social Club Meeting

Updated May 08, 2018

From wine enthusiasts to mountain bikers, social clubs make it easy for people with common interests, hobbies, age groups, marital statuses or life stages to meet each other and socialise. If you've ever struggled to find a social club near you that fulfils your needs, why not create one of your own? Launch your social club meeting right in your hometown, and gather together with like minds on a regular basis.

Choose a theme based on your interests and the type of people you'd like to meet, such as single professionals who love the outdoors, stay-at-home moms who like to cook or foodies who like to try new restaurants. Even if your community already has a similar type of social club, there's no reason you can't start your own if you can make your club more enticing to new members. Give your club a clever name that will persuade new members to join it and give you an edge over the competition.

Create a structure for the social club. If you're the club president, recruit friends and colleagues to join the club and take on various roles, such as vice president, treasurer and events chair. Decide together whether you'll charge membership dues and how much, how often the club will meet and the types of events you'll organise. If you're organising a book club, you might not need to meet more than once a month, but a social club for runners might include regularly scheduled runs.

Choose a location. If your club will require a sit-down meeting, call local restaurants and college campuses to ask whether they have any free meeting space available. Consider hosting the meeting in your home if you can't find a free or low-cost option. You can always ask members to take turns as meeting hosts once the club is established. You also can schedule outings at locations of interest to your group rather than sitting down for a meeting every time you get together.

Promote your social club. Websites like offer an inexpensive way to advertise your club to prospective members, create a website for your club, schedule meetings, invite guests, e-mail members with club communications, and collect membership and event dues. If your group includes businesspeople, you can invite members to sponsor your social club and allow them to advertise their products or services on your club's website. You also can link your website to social networking sites to promote your club to your circle of friends.

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