How to build an outdoor cat house

Updated February 21, 2017

Cats that get to go outside have a lower risk of becoming obese. They get plenty of exercise and don't eat out of boredom. If your cat goes outdoors, he will need somewhere to go to get out of the elements, such as a cat house that can also help him feel more secure outdoors. Follow these steps to learn how you can build an outdoor cat house.

Create a plan for your cat house; you can also buy plans for a cat house if you don't want to make your own. Make sure you don't make it too roomy or your cat won't stay as warm in the winter and he won't feel secure.

Ensure that the plan you have created will provide the cat with plenty of ventilation and will protect her from the weather.

Buy the material you will need to build your cat house. Since the house is going to be out in the elements you may want to consider a good-quality wood stain to keep help preserve the wood.

Decide where you want to put your outdoor cat house. You will want to build it in the spot it's going to stay in so you won't have to move it after assembly.

Build your cat house following your plans carefully. You can even add special touches like carpeting to keep your cat extra cozy.

Consider building an entire outdoor cat area that would safely contain your cat in your own backyard. It will give your cat the ability to be outside without exposing him to the many dangers that outdoor cats face.

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