How to convert a PDF to a word document

Updated February 21, 2017

There is a basic process of converting a PDF to a Word document. This simple process allows you to copy and then paste the text of the PDF into a Word document. Then you use the text in the Word document to recreate the PDF.

Start Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and open the PDF that you would like to convert to a Microsoft Word 2007 document.

Open Microsoft Word 2007 and create a new blank document that will hold the converted PDF document.

Switch back to Adobe Acrobat and click the "Select" tool from the "Select & Zoom" toolbar at the top of the screen. The "Select" tool is depicted by a picture of an I-beam and a mouse pointer. This will enable you to select the text in PDF document.

Click anywhere in some text that is included in your PDF document.

Use the keyboard shortcut of CTRL+A to select all of the text contained in the PDF document. They text will become highlighted in blue after you use this keyboard shortcut indicating the text is selected.

Press CTRL+C on your keyboard to copy the highlighted text onto your clipboard.

Switch back to your Microsoft Word document and use the keyboard shortcut of CTRL+V to paste the contents from the PDF document onto your Word document. You can now close the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and continue to work with text in your Word document.


It is only possible to convert text from a PDF document into a Word document. Any other components such as images or objects cannot be directly converted and will have to be reinserted into the Word document.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional
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