How to Make a Jellicle Cat Wig

If you ever saw the musical "Cats" or read T. S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats," you may be a fan of Jellicle cats. These felines appear to be just ordinary black and white cats that sleep a lot during the day. They're friendly and passive until night arrives, when they engage in an active love life. You can make a Jellicle cat wig and attend your own Jellicle cat ball this Halloween.

Draw a 4-inch line on a piece of paper to create a pattern for the ears. Measure over from the end 2 inches and make a hash mark on the line. Place the ruler on the hash mark, measure up 4 inches and mark the spot. Draw a line from the spot marked at the top to each end of the line. Cut out your pattern.

Use your ear pattern cut four triangles from the long-haired black and white fake fur.

Put two of the cut ears together with the right sides facing. Take care to push the fur toward the middle and away from the edge before you pin them together. Machine stitch down the side edge of both sides, stopping 1/4 inch from the bottom edge. This leaves a flap available on both sides to use to attach it to the base. Leave the bottom open and turn the ear right side out.

Cut a strip of black angora fake fur 4-inches wide at one end, 7-inches wide at the other and 16-inches long. To make the pattern, draw a 4-inch wide line. Measure in 2 inches and make a hash mark. Draw a 16-inch perpendicular line from this mark. Put the 3 1/2-inch mark on the ruler down on the end of the line and make a mark to signify the end of the ruler (zero, it might be called) and the 7-inch mark.

Design the pattern for the rest of the wig. First, make a base line 9-inches long. Make a 10 1/2-line perpendicular on one side of your base line. Draw an arc that connects the end of both lines. The 10 1/2-inch side goes next to the face. Place two pieces of black and white spotted long haired angora fur wrong side together and cut the pattern out.

Pin the edges of the black strip to the arc of each piece, right sides together, and stitch. Try the Jellicle cat wig on to make sure it fits. You may have to adjust for the size of your head. To make it smaller, simply snip the bottom or stitch a larger seam. If you snip the bottom, add a few stitches to lock in the sewn area.

Turn under all the edges 1/2 inch and hand stitch down the hems. Try the Jellicle cat wig on again and decide the right spot for the ears. Put a pin in the fabric to mark the spots.

Open the ears at the bottom and lay the fabric in the front of the ear on top of the right side of the fur cap. Pin the location and hand stitch down. The seam marker is where you ceased stitching along the side. Do the other ear in front. When you're satisfied with the placement, pull the back of the ear to open it wider. Turn under the flap in the back and stitch down the ears. Fluff and you have completed your wig.


Adjust for the head size of the person wearing the Jellicle cat wig. The wigs for the cast members of Cats are made by weaving synthetic fibers onto a mesh cap that has flaps down to cover the wearer's ears. The process is long and time consuming and requires great skill. This is an alternative method to that process.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Black, long-haired, fake angora fur
  • White and black spotted fake angora fur
  • Black thread
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle
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