How to Stop Your Dog From Turning Over Its Water Bowl

As with humans, dogs are 80 per cent water and require constant hydration in order for basic bodily functions, including respiration, circulation and digestion, to occur, according to DogTime. Unfortunately, a precocious dog will see its bowl as a source of entertainment and will play when it becomes transfixed by the motion of the water in the tipped bowl. There are several solutions to keep your dog's water in the bowl and your floors dry.

Fill the bottom of the dog's bowl with clean rocks. The rocks will weigh down the bowl, making it more difficult for the dog to tip over

Replace your existing dog bowl with a bowl that features a weighted bottom. The weight will make the bowl bottom-heavy and difficult to push around.

Offer your dog with other forms of entertainment, such as dog toys. Providing the dog with constant stimulation will make it less interested in playing with the water bowl.

Train your dog to leave the water bowl standing. Keep an eye on your pooch and each time it begins to play around with the water bowl tell it "no" in a stern voice. When the dog stops tipping the bowl, give it praise and a treat. Continue to tell the dog "no" every time you catch it playing around with the bowl. Eventually the dog will learn that the bowl is for drinking, not playing.

Replace an outside water bowl with a bowl or dish that has a hole in the centre, such as a Bundt cake pan. Drive a stick or stake through the centre of the bowl; this will prevent the dog from moving the dish and knocking it over.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean rocks
  • Weighted dog bowl
  • Dog toys
  • Dog treats
  • Open-centred bowl
  • Stick or stake
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